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Packaging EPP Shape Moulding Machine
We supply packaging EPP shape moulding machine with high quality and excellent price and other type of foam equipment. EPP has developed rapidly over the past decade and has become more and more widely used. EPP has been widely used in the packaging indus
Quick Die Change System EPS Shape Moulding Machine
Quick Die Change System Styrofoam Shape Molding Machine can change mould fast. The box making machine has open framework design, advanced auto rod guide and fix system, which greatly reduces machine stop period and can truly realizes QDCS. When you reduce
Single Minute Exchange of Die EPS Shape Moulding Machine
Single Minute Exchange of Die Styrofoam Shape Moulding Machine has improvement in both control system and design. It achieves one key to change the mould in 5 minutes and the robot arm can collect and stack products.
Vehicle EPP Shape Moulding Machine
We offer great quality, competitively priced Vehicle EPP Shape Molding Machine and other types of foaming equipment. EPP applications are becoming more widespread. IT products, electronic communication equipment, liquid crystal displays, plasma color TVs,
Energy Saving EPS Shape Moulding Machine
The accurate control of steam pressure is a key factor of production efficiency.Currently, most of Chinese machines are made of small pipe & valves, thus high-pressure steaming has to be used.
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